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      Yep, that dreaded “G” word.

      Found this on reddit today

      The Reputation Grinding Bible
      <p class=”title”>The reputation grinding bible – gaining rep fast and efficient! <span class=”domain”>(self.EliteDangerous)</span></p>
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      I’ve had many adventures involving reputation grind, lately I have seen some posts regarding the subject so I decided to write my experiences down and help our commanders get their beloved ships.
      Let’s get started with:

      <hr />

      Gaining reputation with your faction fast and efficient!

      1) Thou shall only accept missions that are given from minor factions aligned with your faction of choice
      Empire system =/= all Empire missions.
      It just means that an empire faction is in control, look at your right hand panel, first tab and go 1 to the right.
      There you can see what the factions are aligned with.

      2) Thou shall not grind rep in a system with more than 2 minor factions aligned with your power of choice.
      Having more aligned factions, increases the chance of you hurting another faction.
      3 factions could increase the amount of missions, but carries a risk of hurting another faction

      3) Thou musn’t kill targets that are aligned with your power of choice.
      Chances are low in general, but you will encounter 1 or 2 of them.
      Best is to abandon/time out the mission, if it has a huge payout then you could consider still doing it.
      All choices will hurt your progress, abandoning them hurts the least.

      4) When thou feel the supply of missions has dried up, thou shallt travel to another station or system and continue there.
      The bulletin board is a bit random and sometimes it just dries up, just go to another station or system and make use of a fresh batch of missions.

      5) Thou shall always, I repeat, ALWAYS look at unobtainable missions before selecting obtainable ones.
      I can’t stress this one enough.
      You are after missions that increase your rank, but sometimes you don’t have enough cargo space to take the mission.
      Then it becomes unobtainable!
      One time I needed 15 cargo space for the mission, but only had 8, a quick refit made the mission available and I got my next rank.

      6) Thou shall look at the impact on reputation of missions
      Charity missions for example, you accept the mission, then you turn it in, boom! instant reputation.
      It requires you ‘giving’ money to the faction(absurd right?) but has huge impact.
      If you aren’t kitted for the ‘anaconda assassination’ missions, then this is great for your rep.
      If you are kitted for combat however… Assassination missions tend to take some time but are worth about 3-4 low impact missions.

      7) Thou shall always take the low paying assassination missions
      If you are combat kitted that is!
      These missions follow some simple logic, the LOWER the pay the EASIER the target.
      High rep gain for killing an Eagle, or an Anaconda, make your choice, we all know which one takes less time.

      8) Thou shall not take missions that thou cannot complete
      You’re basically shooting yourself in the foot with a laser pistol.
      If you can’t kill Anaconda’s then don’t take missions that involve Anaconda’s.
      You will die, if you don’t, the mission will be abandoned and will hurt your reputation. Both are bad.

      9) Thou shall work in batches and alternate between ‘completing’ and ‘turning in’ missions
      Take a few mission, about 5 or 6 and then complete them all.
      After you have completed all your missions, you turn them all in.
      In this order: Less than 15 min left > Combat > Delivery.
      I trust in your ability to not die, Rinse and repeat.
      This saves time in general, about 3-4 minutes per 6 missions, this stack up quickly and help you get your rep faster.

      10) Thou shall request help from friends
      Can’t kill that anaconda alone? Call your friends!
      This is one of the most overlooked points of gaining reputation, you aren’t alone in the galaxy.
      If you want to do more difficult missions then just wing up!
      The bounty on most of these ships should be lucrative enough for your friends to join.

      <hr />

      Follow these 10 guidelines and you should be sitting in your Courier in about 5-6 hours.


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