Scored an N-Key mechanical numberpad for $25 from mechkb

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      Includes postage, bargain! MechKB have them on sale, must be old stock. I spent most of the day researching these things, and this one almost ticked all my boxes except for no USB hub. Just thought I’d give peeps a heads up real quick because there’s only 2 left…

      I love the fact it has no LED whatsoever, not even a numlock indicator. Saves me having to tape over it. Unlike many other number pads, even the high end ones, this just acts like a numberpad, so it should just work on Linux and OSX too as it doesn’t require any special software or drivers. Also, $25. Can’t go wrong.

      I considered a gamepad, but most of them are left handed. This is going to sit between my joystick and mouse for tapping out fine rotational corrections when docking, etc. ‘cos I’m not quite ready to entirely abandon my finely honed keyboard navigation skills just yet.

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