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      I may not be the best writer, but I enjoy it none the less!

      To whom it may concern, the history of my character in Elite: Dangerous.


      Commander Fox Hengist Carignan
      Age 59
      Born: November 17 3242
      Birthplace: New California in the system of Liabeze.

      August 3244
      Fox Carignan was a born a middle-class Imperial citizen in the system of Liabeze just outside of Achenar.  After an altercation about “Protection Taxes” with a local gang, the family was forced to flee Imperial Space.

      January 3259
      Some years after arriving in Eravate inside of Federal space, Fox’s parents Dianne and Thomas who, at the time were on a routine trading run returning to Ackerman Market, were interdicted by a Federal Security Service vessel for a standard cargo inspection.  Neither the security ship nor “The Running Dear” were seen again.  The Federal Security Service denies any involvement.  Fox assumes foul play.

      March 3259
      Still reeling from the loss of his mother and father, Fox left Eravate to try and make a living in the nearby system of Kremainn.  Working his way through flight school, he purchased an Eagle and started on a life of bounty hunting.  He swore that he would destroy anyone who got in his way of eventually returning to his home in the Empire.

      June 3272
      Now the proud owner of a Vulture and with a pocket full of credits, Fox decided that this was the time to make the journey to the Imperial border system of Sorbago.  After his arrival, Fox met with the local Imperial Navy Recruiter and started his new career.

      May 3290
      Now Baron Fox, was assigned his own command of the newly commissioned Imperial Clipper Gladius.  This marked the true start to his military career.  This ship would loyally follow him through fire and brimstone without ever faltering.

      June 3301
      Baron Fox Carignan sets out in search of a new route to greater power in the Empire.  He accepted a commission with the Angeli Imperials on the 3rd of June 3301.  Now in service of Senator Patreus, his continuing plans are unknown.

      HIP 20199 - Assistant to the Custodian

      An Epitome of Elegance... And Class

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