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      Ok, so, we’ve got this influence competition, and, well, I haven’t been on ED. (I’m letting the team down, I will log on tonight and stop being slack).

      I would like to put the blame squarely on “The Witness”, it’s the new game from Jonathan Blow (the developer of “Braid”). Think of it as a “Myst” type game, basically a puzzle game, but instead of a pre-rendered world it’s like a FPS.

      It’s been consuming my free time, I’m about 22 hours in or so. The puzzles start off simple, teaching you the concepts of that particular puzzle, but then it builds on that, and combines them.

      They’re not just logic puzzles either, some rely on world:

      Anyway, if you enjoy late nights thinking about puzzles, going to bed, then suddenly realising what the solution is, this might be the game for you.

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      hmm, nice tip.  Might look into this whilst I’m on hols starting next week 😀


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