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      Last night while in Lave hunting CODE with our new allies another group TOC requested that we come over and assist them with security in the ERAVATE system during their events. There were PvP duels of various types, was a great chance for practice against some elite pros great fun and a little scary, then there was an eagle race and the winner received a tee shirt. There was another couple of things but I was distracted with combat or duelling. Then they started dumping gold and palladium for players to scoop but not many were keen, maybe intimidated by the circling fighters nearby. I went into SC and began to advertise the free gold got many doubting comments but a few went to cash in. While in menus typing/advertising I was interdicted by a few of the doubters in small ships, also great fun even tho they wanted to kill me I continued to advertise and fend them off was funny stuff, one group left with me telling them to go get the gold u need it great night all told. We have made some powerful allies.

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