The Empire Weeps, War in Un No Myoin

The Empire Weeps, War in Un No Myoin

The Empire Weeps, as war breaks out in Un No Myoin between the two Imperial factions the Angeli Imperial Enterprises vs The Cadubii Partners.


The Conflict began as the Angeli Imperial Enterprises moved expanded into the Un No Myoin system, responding to calls for assistance with the ongoing famine in the system, as reported by the Un No Myoin Star.


With the Agricultural supplies the AIE could bring in from their Head Quarters at Nelder City, the Angeli quickly brought the famine under control and endeared the Anglei to the citizens of Searfoss Refinery.

This began to edge out the Cadubii Partners of their market share, with citizens of Un No Myoin now favouring the Angeli Imperial Enterprises for their goods and services.


According to the Searfoss Refinery Gazette, the  Cadubii Partners strick the first blows by making attacks against AIE Shipping and now a full blown war wages between the two imperial factions, with Fighting in and about the skies of the volcanic moon Searfoss Refinery orbits

The 18th “Sidewinder Scout” Wing is currently deployed to counter the operations of The Cadubii Partners fleets, and it is yet to be seen what other forces the AIE will send to secure the system



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