Trip to Adventure aka Leetsi

Trip to Adventure aka Leetsi

After a personal meeting with Senator Patreus I was informed that Angeli Imperial had been awarded a 1.2Million credit contract to scout out the Blanco 1 Sector and look for human habitable worlds. I departed that same day in my Exploration Cobra on a mission to serve the Empire.


After leaving Empire space the day before via a visit to a few seedy bars in my old stomping ground of the Kats System i struck out further through uncharted space mapping systems on the way to the Blanco 1 Sector finding nothing but cold icy worlds, gas giants and scorched metal rich planets.


Today i arrived in the Blanco 1 Sector and started my search for an Earth like world in earnest. 1000LY from Wangal i thought my mission had been in vain as i was still yet to find anything more useful than potential terraforming candidates. Supplies were starting to run low i had failed in my endeavor….

Striking for home the ships computer plotted me a route direct to Wangal as opposed to the winding route i had traversed on the way out.

One system my computer had plotted was Blanco 1 Sector HD-Q B6-0. On jumping into the system i sent out a single ping expecting to find the usual lifeless frigid system i had come to find in that sector, barely paying attention anymore i noticed at the very last moment before jumping out there was an anomaly in the data! The 7th planet around the A star was somehow different to any of the other data i had gathered, i quickly plotted a course…


The Arrival

After spending the night in orbit around this still nameless world i completed the scanning of the system and set course for Wangal, arriving back in system after 45 FSD jumps and handing over my data to the Senator to complete the contract and collect the payment.




System Data

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