What Course Will the Angeli Take?

What Course Will the Angeli Take?

From Galnet

Several weeks ago, Imperial Palace security uncovered an attempted plot to poison Emperor Hengist Duval. Princess Lavigny-Duval and Chancellor Blaine both launched their own investigations into the matter.

The Chancellor’s men managed to locate and question the would-be-assassin, but they were unable to extract any useful information.

Fortunately, members of the Imperial Court had more success. They identified several criminal syndicates operating in the areas around Nehet and Mictlan that were rumoured to have ties with a secretive underworld wetwork firm.

After smashing more than a few pirate dens, Imperial investigators learned that funds for the hit had been channelled via Silver Allied Network through Silver Universal Plc to an unknown group in HR 706.

Senator Lavigny’s request to pursue her investigation into HR 706 was originally met with refusal by members of Emperor’s Grace, who even went so far as to lodge an official protest with the Senate. Emperor’s Grace would later find themselves forced to acquiesce under orders issued by Senator Patreus.

Now it looks like Emperor’s Grace had good reason to want the Princess kept out of the system, as late last night, new information came to light which has implicated the leadership of Emperor’s Grace in the attack on the Emperor. Senator Patreus is disavowing any knowledge of the incident, although he has so far refused to allow any members of Emperor’s Grace to be removed from HR 706.

Senator Lavigny will be formally presenting the evidence against Emperor’s Grace to the Senate tomorrow.

What does this mean for the Angeli?, we are followers of Patreus, but our allegiance is with the Empire, and we will defend it against any aggressor, foreign or domestic.

When Questioned on this subject by AI News, CMDR Ping replied “The board is currently assessing the situation, and we are organising a meeting to see what action the AI will take.”

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    This does raise questions.

    So the Emperor’s Grace is either loyal to or a vassal of Patreus? I assume he is the leader of Citizen’s Forum since they dominate his home system, (although this is an assumption). And of course we know he has control of many Corporations across Empire space (and perhaps beyond?).

    The web of sub-faction allegiances has always been a puzzle to me, one that I suppose will be revealed with Powerplay in the next couple of weeks.

    Something else of Interest I’ve dug up regarding our Patreus, a Galnet article from back in December of last year (seemingly no longer accessible on the main Galnet archive it seems, I got this from an [url=http://galnetarchive.blogspot.com.au/2014/12/senator-patreus-declared-succession.html]alternate source[/url]:

    21 December 3300
    Senator Patreus Declares Succession About Power Not Blood
    At the annual Feast of the 100, a banquet for key business leaders on Capitol in Achenar, one of the after dinner speakers, Senator Denton Patreus declared the importance of the Imperial succession.

    “We have a truly great Empire. Our grace Emperor Hengist is sadly not well, and I wish him a speedy recovery. Nevertheless, we do need to plan should the worst happen. The choice of our next Emperor is a vital one. The succession should not be about family bloodlines, but about who would be best for the future Empire. For past generations, and for Hengist himself, he was groomed for power for decades by his great father, and this has worked well for over a thousand years. It was not just about blood, it was about learning from his father. This time there is no such successor, so things need to change.”

    So it would seem Patreus has his eyes on becoming Emperor himself and isn’t afraid to express his intentions openly. I think we all knew deep down, but was this quote common knowledge? Or did it get buried before Galnet started to be archived officially?

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    Blain Crighton
    on said:

    Senator Torval openly backed Senator Patreus’ Statements as well stating something along the lines of “We all have a bit of Duval Blood in us anyway” implying that they were all cadets lines.

    That said, that doesn’t give the “country cousin” the Keys to the Palace

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